Pac 2070 4 Axis Cnc Router



Pac 2070 series 4D CNC routers can process more complex shapes with its additional 4th axis, like engraving a text on a colon or a face, when compared to 3D machines.

Other common products that could be processed on this machine are colon heads, colon bases, statues, moulds for modelling and similar.

The materials, suitable for processing, are EPS or XPS foams, wood, MDF, plastics and composite materials. 

This machine has detachable vacuum working table, which can be used to work on parts that do not require 4th axis.

The machine has two 4 kW 18.000 rpm ER32 spindle motors, which allows to work on two parts simultaneously.

All of the working axes of Pac 2070 series 4D CNC router have servo motors and Planet brand reducers.

Y-axis has two Gantry brand motors, on left and right sides.

Optionally, it is possible to add a 2.500 m3/h dust collecting unit.





Mould modelling

Advertisement and promotion products

Furniture parts production



Net Working Space

X: 2000mm

Y: 700mm

Z: 350mm

4th axis:Ø600

Product Dimensions

Flat working table:

2000mm x 700mm x 300mm

Rotating axis (2 pieces):

Cylinder: Ø600mm, Length: 2000mm

Rectangular:420mm x 420mm, Length: 2000mm

Body Construction

Milled steel body

Guideway System

25 mm Linear guideway and carrier

Drive System

X: M2 Helical rack

Y: M2 Helical rack

Z: 2005 Ball screw

Working Table

Flat working table: 30 MDF vacuum table

Rotating axis: 2 meter adjustable shaft

Spindle Motor 

4 kW 18.000 rpm

Axis Motors

750 W AC Servo + Planet brand reducer

Control System

DSP CNC control unit

Other Feautres

Central greasing system

2.500 m3/h dust collecting unit (optional)

Vacuum pump


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